Azure SQL Database

I can provision an Azure SQL server database to be the back-end for your Microsoft Access database front-end. So basically, your MS Access front-end sits locally on your laptops/PC’s and links to the data tables within an SQL database in the cloud.

Azure SQL Backend
Azure SQL Backend

This network configuration now means that you will benefit from:

1. You are able to use your database from any location with an internet connection.

2. No more Compact/Repair necessary.

3. A mirror copy of your database tables can be held at a different data centre.

4. No limit to the amount of data you are able to store.

5. The 2 gigabyte file size imposed by MS Access no longer applies.

6. The SQL Server can handle many more concurrent users than Access.

7. Able to further develop the front-end without disrupting the database users.

8. Able to send each user an updated front-end as required.

9. While still having the ability to conveniently develop the front-end using Microsoft access, your data tables are now held in a much more robust SQL database.