Microsoft Access Benefits

Microsoft Access allows you to build relational databases containing multiple data tables all related to each other via at least one field in each table. Any processes currently relying on data entry, retrieval or analysis can be built into Microsoft Access. User screens (forms) for data entry can be designed and built to the user’s requirements. Reporting can be built to generate any amount of reports automatically with options to specify criteria. Once built, the reports run at the push of a button.

Once the database has been developed you will benefit from savings in time having all your data centralised and all users having access to all the data at the same time. Finding data will be faster due to the searching facilities available within Microsoft Access.

Some of the Microsoft Access benefits are as follows:

  • All data centralised
  • Data entry validation for accurate input – Saves time
  • Quick & accurate reporting due to data validation – Saves time
  • Multiple users accessing the database at the same time
  • Built to your specific needs
  • Agile working adding further development when needed
  • Bulk input of data when necessary – Saves time
  • Easy searching for data – Saves time

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