New MS Access Database

If you have multiple people entering or editing data on spreadsheets and require manually produced reports daily or monthly, you will save time and money by utilizing a Microsoft Access database.

We basically look at what you are currently doing and decide what tables are going to be necessary to store the required data. The MS Access storage data tables would sit on your network, so they are accessible for anyone with permissions to use them. We also bear in mind what improvements could be added to any process and the reports that are required so we can make sure the necessary fields within the tables are added. It’s often the case where we consider the end reports to help determine what will be necessary to achieve those reports and build it into the new database.

Once the MS Access storage tables and their relationship to each other have been decided and built we then look at the forms (Screens) that are going to be required to enter/edit the data into the tables. We consider where data validation is required to keep the data clean for accurate reporting and it may be that for some of the fields on a form, we force a selection from an allowed list for instance.

After data has been entered into a form it is usually the case that the same record will need to be revisited and edited further down the line, so we also include a powerful search facility to search any number of fields to return stored records.

Your new database will:

Save costs to maximise profits

Allow multiple users to enter, edit and view data simultaneously
Find data/records quickly
Run reports at the push of a button
Produce more meaningful and accurate reports
Allow data to be entered accurately

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