Process Automation

Many small businesses rely on tools like Microsoft Excel workbooks and other spreadsheets to control business processes. This is fine until business increases and more users are required to use the workbooks at the same time due to the increase in required data entry. With more users comes more mistakes and conflicts due to users trying to access the data at the same time. With inaccurate data comes meaningless reporting which is very time consuming to produce.

Any business process using one or more Microsoft Excel workbooks can be automated using a Microsoft Access database solution built to the exact business requirements. The screens (User Interface) is designed with the people using it in mind and usually with their ideas and input.

Python scripting is also an efficient tool to automate any repetitive tasks you may be doing on a PC or in a web browser. See more here

Placing the Microsoft Access storage tables on a network means that the data is accessible by anyone you authorise. Users are issued with the front end (User Interface) which is linked to the storage tables on the network.

This means that multiple users can access the data simultaneously.
Once reports are written they can run at a push off a button.
Data is accurate as field validation can be built in resulting in meaningful reporting.
Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be generated within Access or Excel spreadsheets can be linked to reporting queries within the data base to refresh to show live data.
Updating the database using daily generated reports from other systems can be automated.
Previously manually processes are now automated.

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