Web Portal Automation Scripting

Web Portal automation scripting will increase efficiency and productivity. Where you have a need to submit multiple web portal searches and then copy and paste the results into Excel for instance, you will benefit from automating the process. If you need to look up hundreds or thousands of records automation scripting is essential to keep costs low.

Instead of one person spending days or even weeks extracting information you require one record at a time from a web portal site, why not leave the PC to get on with the job automatically without the need for costly human intervention.

You have a list of references you need to look up on a web portal. You enter them as a list on an Excel workbook sheet. The Excel workbook is stored at a consistent location so that the automation programme knows where it is. You push a button to start the programme running and then leave the computer to get on with it. The programme looks up each of the references in your list and copies the required data into the workbook sheet. It just repeats the process for each of the hundreds of references without the need for a person to operate and wait for a slow website.

This is a quite simple and basic example of web portal automation scripting which has the potential to save any business thousands of pounds annually.

Obviously, the more complex and time consuming your manual processes are, the more the cost saving potential is. I use Python for scripting and therefore I can automate anything that is done on a computer.

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